March 23rd, 2019

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break last week! We have just over a month left of the semester and lots of fun things planned. There are a few schedule changes since I sent our last calendar out, so be sure to look over this month’s schedule carefully and let me know if you have any questions. I will also be putting out a sign up sheet this week for a VERY limited amount of lessons that I will be doing over the summer after the baby is born along with some information about camps and teachers you can connect with during my maternity leave. 

This Monday (March 25th) I will be adding an extra Master Class at the Unitarian Church at 5pm after the Twinkle Tots class. After this semester’s terrible cold and flu season, I know many of you are still looking for opportunities to make up lessons. Even if you don’t need to make up a lesson, you are still encouraged to come. At every Master Class, each student gets to play a song with me, then we pick a technique-based activity for us to do as a group. :) 

On April 6th, we will be meeting at the Pioneer Home at 11am to play for the folks in the retiment community there. We did this last year and ended up playing on two different floors. If it’s the same thing, I think we will just do 45 minutes of Suzuki Songs (mostly Book 1) on each floor. All levels are welcome to do this very laid-back performance with us, but I will need to send them a list of who is coming. If you can give me a heads up (if you haven’t already) and let me know if your child will be performing with us, that would be great! 

We were originally scheduled to have our last potluck and jam on that very same day, but I’m thinking that will be a bit more than we all would like to do in one day, so I am going to move the jam to the next Saturday on April 13th. I’ve had a couple of families offer to host, which is great! I will confirm and get an address sent out to everyone soon. 

The other thing I’d like to get confirmation from everyone on is our Spring Recital on May 4that 11am. Most of you will be there, but there are a couple of families that I can’t recall now who told me they won’t be able to be in this semester’s recital. If you could just check in with me again, I would like to start arranging parts for all of our performance pieces. We will also have a mandatory rehearsal the Monday before the recital (April 29th.) I am paying for the wonderful Jana Preston to accompany in both he rehearsal and the recital, so it is essential everyone is there for both.

This week, I will have a sign up sheet out for a limited number of August lessons that I will be doing after the baby comes. I have also had some posters out about a few great music camps that are happening during my maternity leave. If you haven’t alreay, please look into signing up for at least one camp. They are a wonderful opportunity to work with world-class teachers and musicians and are super fun and inspirational. Some of them also tend to fill up quickly, so it’s best to get registered sooner rather than later. 

I said the same thing in my last newsletter, but I’ll say it again: Taking the entire summer off from lessons is NOT an option! (Even if you continue to practice!) Last year I felt helpless when parents came to me telling their kids had lost their love for playing and practicing when they didn’t play their violin for most of the summer. There are so many wonderful options out there for EVERYONE, so please take the time now to make the arrangements needed to fit violin into your summer plans. Your child will thank you!

I think this is all to report for now. As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Happy Fiddling!


Amanda Kerr

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