May 8, 2022

Thank you to all of the spring semester families (both students and parents) for your time and dedication these past few months. It has been such a joy to watch everyone grow and progress so quickly!!  

I am jumping right into a new, more flexible, summer schedule starting the second week of May. Families can schedule lessons wherever it fits around their other many summer activities and travel plans. (A huge shout-out to the families who are taking their violins on vacation to keep up with practice!!) There are still a number of camps and institutes that have some space for students. You can view my list on my links page. I think everyone in the studio has made plans to keep doing violin lessons in some form or another this summer, so that is great! :D 

Over the course of these past couple of years, I've acquired a pretty good number of violins I would love to sell or rent out to families who are interested. My husband, "Luthier Man Dan" (as I have been calling him lately lol) has helped me get them all cleaned up with new strings, new bow-hair, and upgraded violin cases. I have at least one or two in each size ranging from the couple hundred dollar, vintage Suzuki violins to some nicer brand-new intermediate level violins. (Nothing over $1,000 value.) I even have a budget to rent out a violin this next semester on scholarship for anyone in need. (Thanks again to all who donated to the scholarship fund last winter!!) 

We don't have any recital or performance lists to worry about this summer, which is great for students wanting to pick out some fiddle tunes and other repertoire that inspire them. I'll try to add new instructional materials here on the website and on the portal for current studio families. Head over to the practice tools page to view the current tunes students have picked out to work on. 

I think that's all for now. I will have some more updates for everyone soon, but until then I hope everyone has a wonderfully fun and safe summer! :D 

- Amanda


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