December 18th, 2019

            Thank you to everyone for such a wonderful Fall Semester! There was a lot of effort put in from all sides of the Suzuki Triangle (Child/Parent/Teacher) this semester, and I think it really showed! Despite a few cold and flu bugs, a couple of bad weather days, and my own scheduling restrictions due to having a newborn, all of my students have shown a lot of growth this semester :)

            Current students have been sent a link to register for the Spring Semester, and I will soon post the link to register publicly here on my website for new students too. I have over 20 families that are planning to return in the Spring Semester, and very limited after-school spots that I can fit lessons into before dinner time. This has always been a challenge, so I thank you all in advance for your patience as I try to put together a schedule that will work for everyone.

            Before the Spring Semester starts (the last week of January), I will be doing a 3-week-long intensive during the first 3 weeks in January. The cost for the intensive is $180 and includes three Monday group classes, and three weekly private lessons (sign-up is first-come-first-serve.) If you haven't already, please let me know ASAP if you would like to sign up and I will let you know what the available spots are.          

            Twinkle Graduates are also invited to perform with us at the Anchorage Folk Festival on January 18th. I will be posting a list of fiddle tunes to practice for this performance on the Learning Tools page. In addition to our set, there will also be a number of free workshops, jams, and performances that I highly encourage you all to go to the last two weekends in January (and around town during "Folk Week!")

            Finally, just one more reminder (I think I’ve mentioned this multiple times to everyone already haha) PLEASE be careful with how you handle your instrument in the cold. This is the time of year to keep your humidifier going in your homes and the humidi-packs stocked in your instrument cases. You should never leave a violin in the car as the cold will damage it (in addition to it being a security risk!) and if you do accidently leave your violin in a cold car for a very long time, bring it inside and DON’T OPEN THE CASE for at least a few hours (if not a day!)

            I think that about covers everything for now. I will update the site again soon with more information about the Spring Semester. Happy fiddling, and remember what Dr. Suzuki says: “You only have to practice on days that you eat!”


Amanda Kerr

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