March 24th, 2024

     I hope everyone is coming out of spring break refreshed and enjoying the additional sunlight we are gaining each day. There are lots of fun things coming up for the remainder of the semester as well as some new and exciting things planned for the summer. 

     April 1st will be a fun group-class day as we do our annual Bunny Ballad party for Pre-Twinklers, and then a Silly Suzuki Play-In for our students who have graduated Twinkles. These events are freebies for the studio families, and just a fun way to break away from our normal group class routine. (Also, there will be cupcakes.) ;-) 

     Our first recital of the year is scheduled for April 27th. Our advanced students (in books 2 or higher) will start at 1:30 for the Advanced Solo Recital, and then the rest of our book 1 students will start at 2:15 for the Group Recital. Studio families should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before their group's start time to wash hands and tune their violins. 

     We will have our second recital on May 18th for our Pre-Twinklers and Graduation students participating in the Suzuki Book or Twinkle graduation. This recital will start at 1:30 (and yes! Even the graduates will need to play the Pre-Twinkle pieces!) 

     I will be handing out “Summer Intention” forms again this year to help encourage families to keep lessons and practice going over the summer… whether that be in the form of a regular lesson routine, an intensive week, or registering for one of the many fabulous music camps being offered this year. These will be due no later than May 18th. 

     Finally, I want to make a plug for some new classes I will be offering this summer. After completing my certification for Suzuki Early Childhood Education last summer, I have been acquiring everything needed to offer classes for families of littles ages 4 and under. In addition to starting up “Twinkle Tots” classes again, I will also be starting up “Suzuki Babies." Families interested can head to my “registration” page at   

     I think those are all the big updates I have as of now. Keep up the fabulous practice work and have a wonderful spring! 


Ms. Amanda 



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