Frequently Asked Questions

How old should my child be to start violin lessons in Amanda Kerr's Suzuki Violin & Fiddle Studio?

Amanda offers classes to children as young as age 3, and starts offering private lessons around age 5. The Twinkle Tots classes work families towards being ready to start a consistent private lesson, daily listening, and practice routine. The first step being to stand in a calm and steady "rest position" and taking a bow. Amanda believes children are born with the ability to learn music and that there is no bad age to start! For families of toddlers and babies that are maybe a bit too young to start Twinkle Tots, you might look into doing "Suzuki Early Childhood Education" (aka SECE) classes. Amanda's own children (ages 1 & 3) take this class, and Amanda even offers a tuition discount to families who have graduated from this course. 


Do parents need to participate in lessons?

Yes! In addition to parents being in control of any behavioral things that may arise, it is also a part of what makes Suzuki Method work so well. The parent will become the teacher at home during practice, therefor they will need to be there to watch what is happening, and will often participate in the lesson.


Does my child have to participate in both private and group lessons?

Yes! Regular private AND group classes are mandatory and are equally an essential part of your child's development as a musician.


How long is a private lesson?

Private lessons are 40 minutes and scheduled one hour apart. Please note lessons are not timed down to the minute. We may end up to 10 minutes early or even go up to 5 minutes over depending on how the lesson is going.


My child has a cold/ The weather is too bad for me to come to my lesson...

Please don't bring a sick child to lessons. Skype or FaceTime lessons can be arranged in cases of sickness (obviously assuming your child is well enough to still play their instrument), or if the road conditions are too rough to get to your lesson. Please try to let Amanda know by noon that day if you would like to Skype so she can get set up in advance. If online lessons can not be arranged, you may make up the lesson at the next Master Class or Amanda can help you arrange a make up lesson if time is available. As a last resort, Amanda may send you a practice video that she makes during your lesson time along with a list of things to practice. 


What is the policy for missed lessons?

Missed lessons cannot be reimbursed, but can be made up if time is available. Amanda can also make you a practice video during your missed lesson. It is the parent's responsibility to contact Amanda about rescheduling a missed lesson. With limited lesson spots, I can't guarantee there will be time to reschedule, so it is extra important to give lots of advanced notice if you would like to to cancel or reschedule a lesson.


Can adults take lessons?

Yes! You are never too old to start violin lessons. Unfortunately, Amanda does not have a group class option for adults (yet), but as long is there is space in the schedule, she will always be willing to do private lessons for adults. Just know that adults will be expected to commit to a regular lesson and practice schedule the same as everyone else ;)