(For beginning students ages 3-5)

Families in the Twinkle Tots group will start out doing weekly group classes only! Through games, singing, and movement, we will learn how to properly hold and care for a "practice violin" (the real thing will come later), and learn some of the basic music theory terms needed to understand the language of the violin. At the end of each semester, the Twinkle Tots group will also get to do a small performance in my studio recital. This is a great starting point for families who are brand new to the Suzuki Method, or for families who have graduated from the Suzuki Early Childhood Education Class. Once students graduate from the Twinkle Tots group, they are ready to play on a real violin, and are ready to begin regular private lessons and group classes in the Twinkle Stars group. 

~ Group Classes: $25
(15 classes per semester = $375)

~ Twinkle Tots Recital Fee: $10

~ Pre-Paid Semester Discount: -$50


~ Suzuki Early Childhood Education Graduation Discount: -$50
(Suzuki Early Childhood Education Graduation Discount is limited to your first semester only.)


(For beginning students ages 5 & up)

Families in the Twinkle Stars group will do weekly private lessons and group classes twice per month. While group classes and lessons will include lots of games and puzzles, the main repertoire for Twinkle Stars group will be Kathleen Spring's "Bunny Ballads" and Shinichi Suzuki's Twinkle Variations. The goal is to graduate from the Twinkle Stars group by completing and polishing the 100+ skills it takes to learn a perfect Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Parent-involved practice, private lessons, and group classes will ensure the student is absorbing all the skills needed to make future musical endeavors seem effortless and fun. At the end of each semester, the Twinkle Stars group will have a "Twinkle Graduation" in my studio recital. This is a great starting point for families of students ages 5 and up  who are brand new to the Suzuki Method, or for families who have graduated from the Twinkle Tots group. Once students graduate from the Twinkle Stars group, they are ready to start learning fiddle tunes, and continue in the Suzuki Violin books as part of the Twinkle Graduates group.

~ Weekly Private Lessons: $45 
(15 weeks per semester = $675)

~ Group Classes: $25
(8 classes per semester = $200)

~ Twinkle Stars Recital Fee: $15

~ Pre-Paid Semester Discount: -$140



(For students who have completed their "Twinkle Graduation")

Twinkle Graduates will have slightly longer weekly private lessons (around 45 minutes), and group classes (one hour) twice per month. Graduates are also invited (but not required) to participate in regular fiddle jams and public performances. These families will continue the Suzuki Method and Brian Wicklund's American Fiddle Method at their own pace while preparing to perform a handful of pieces at the end of semester recital. Group classes will include plenty of Music Mind Games, Suzuki games, and practice of all of the performance pieces selected for that semester. Students who complete a Suzuki book will also get to perform a solo as part of their "book graduation" at the  end of semester recital. 

~ Weekly Private Lessons: $50 
(15 lessons per semester = $750)

~ Group Classes: $30 
(8 classes per semester = $240)

~ Twinkle Graduates Recital Fee: $20

~ Pre-Paid Semester Discount: -$150


Adult students, and students who take lessons online because they do not live in Anchorage, are not required to attend group lessons, master-classes,  and recitals (but are certainly welcome to if they are able!) These students will only be charged for 15 weeks of private lessons with a discount of 2 free lessons for paying by the beginning of the semester. Payment for additional group lessons, master-classes, and recitals that are attended by these students are due on the day they attend. 

Studio Discounts

Pre-Paid Semester Discounts:

Tuition is due on Semester Orientation day. Paying for the semester as a whole lets me know that you are committed to your scheduled lessons, and helps me cover my studio costs (including teaching materials, hiring accompanists, recital space, etc...). Ideally, every student would attend all 15 weeks of lessons, but I know that sometimes the occasional conflict or family emergency will happen. 2 group classes and 2 private lessons are automatically deducted from the total cost of your tuition as a form of insurance for these missed lessons. Additional missed lessons will not be re-imbursed, but can be made-up when time allows. (This only applies to Spring & Fall semesters. Summer lessons will be billed out monthly based on attendance.)

Suzuki Early Childhood Education Graduation Discount:

Families who have completed a Suzuki Early Childhood Education class (for ages 0-3) are given a discount of $50 off of their first semester in my Twinkle Tots class. Many other Suzuki studios will also give benefits to families who complete this class because it produces an excellent routine for practice, daily listening, and healthy parent-involvement. For more information on where you can sign up for Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes, please email Amanda Kerr at 

Sibling Discounts:

Siblings who both take lessons have a wonderful advantage in that they get to regularly observe each other learn and practice both at home and at lessons. This makes these families really quite wonderful to work with. In addition to the additional time and effort it takes to be the parent of more than one student, I realize that the cost can be more than some families can afford. This is why one sibling per family is given a discount of 25% off of their tuition. 

Anchorage School District Lesson Reimbursements: 

Some families may be eligible for having their lesson reimbursed through the Anchorage School District through a homeschool program they are in, or through a few other programs. If your student is eligible for these re-imbursements, please be sure you are approved before the semester starts, and that we have filled out all of the necessary paperwork needed ahead of time. Your program should reimburse you after you send in a copy of your invoice showing that your tuition has been paid. This is the easiest system for me. There are just too many different programs for me to keep track of sending these invoices to myself, which is why I make it my policy for you to send them in yourself.