2021 FALL semester tuition

(Please note group events are mandatory for all students during the spring semester!)

Twinkle Tots Group Classes: $25 each (12 Classes Total)

(For beginners ages 3-5.)

Twinkle Tots will be held online every-other Saturday at 11:30am. No real violin is needed. Online classes will include Music Mind Games, Posture activities using a foam or cardboard violin & bow, and lots of singing and movement. Twinkle Tots is a great class for families of younger students preparing to eventually start private lessons. 

(Twinkle Tots Materials, Accompanist & Recital Fee $50) 

Missed Lessons Insurance (Two Classes) -$50




(Please note private lessons and group events are mandatory for all Stars, Graduates, and Advanced students during the spring semester!)

45 Minute Private Lessons: $55 each

Students can register for private lessons weekly (12 lessons total) or every-other-week (6 lessons total).

(Online private lessons can be offered via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom, or if families are healthy and can follow some safety protocols including hand washing, social distancing, and mask-wearing, they can come in person.)

Group Classes: $30 each

Families should plan on participating in group classes twice per month. (6 classes total.) Depending on our community's suggested health protocols, I hope to be able to offer in-person options and online (Zoom) options for group classes. In addition to the two group classes per month, Twinkle Graduates are invited (but not required) to participate in monthly master-classes and "fiddle club" events. (Please note these additional group events are not included in your tuition. You can make up a missed class by participating, or I can add the cost to your account.) 

(Please see the semester at a glance page for the full schedule of lessons and group events!)

(Twinkle Graduates & Adv Materials, Accompanist, & Recital Fees: $50) 

Missed Lesson Insurance for Weekly Lesson Students (Two Lessons) -$110


Missed Lesson Insurance for Every Other Week Students (One Lesson) -$55




After raising my rates to help keep my own family afloat, I want to make sure every child has the opportunity to start their music lesson journey no matter their family's financial status. This is why I will be offering families the opportunity to study with a partial or full scholarship. In addition to providing a brief explanation for their need for scholarship on their registration form, these families will have a few extra responsibilities for attendance and logging their practice throughout the semester. Families that can afford to contribute to the scholarship fund are encouraged to do so when registering for lessons.

~School District Reimbursement:

For the most part, I will ask families who want their lessons reimbursed by the school district (usually through a homeschool program) to fill as many forms out for me as they can. I am happy to keep myself on the vendor lists, but please note that keeping up with all the requirements (including presenting updated insurance and business license paperwork every year, paying for regular background checks, and sending additional invoices) are things I have to do outside of my scheduled teaching time. Invoices sent to the school district for reimbursement will not include studio discounts. 

~Missed Lessons Insurance: 

While I encourage every family to try their best to attend every scheduled lesson, I know that the occasional emergency or technical mishap will happen. For this reason, each family will have a few lessons subtracted from their tuition invoice as a form of insurance. (Two free private lessons for weekly students or one free private lesson for every-other-week students.) Please note that additional missed lessons will not be reimbursed but can be rescheduled, and/or made-up in the form of a practice-video.)


~Late Payment Fee:

Payment is due one week after your first lesson. A $10 late payment fee will be charged each week after the payment due date if payment is not made on time.