May 20th, 2018

   The spring semester is coming to an end, and I am super grateful for how much we have accomplished as a studio! The time everyone has put into practicing, parent participation, coming to lessons and group classes, and working on our performance repertoire has really shown in how much everyone has progressed throughout the semester. While the summer lessons are not a requirement for my studio, I would like to remind families that the more musical activities your family participates in, the more you will be inspired to play and grow as musicians!  

   This summer, I have a few different options for lessons. For a full list of summer lesson dates, please head to my schedule page. Each month of the summer has 3 weeks open for either group lessons, weekly private lessons (these spots are filling up quickly!), or a 3 day long private lesson intensive! Lessons will be scheduled first-come-first-serve, so please don't hesitate to email me and get on the schedule!

 In addition to making time for a few private lessons this summer, I would really like to encourage families to participate in some of the wonderful music camps we have in and around Anchorage. Besides being an excellent source of knowledge, practice, and experience, going to music camp can often be an incredible source of inspiration to kids. Most camps hire some of the best musicians from in and out of the state! Some of my closest friendships to this day started at music camp :) For a list of camps and festivals, head to my Links page!

   Monday group classes will be held at my parents' house in south Anchorage over the summer. (We will move back to the Unitarian Fellowship in September!) In an effort to recruit some new families over the summer, I will be having a FREE Group Class on June 11th so new families can see what it's all about! Twinkle Tots (ages 3-6) will start at 4:00, Twinkle Stars (beginners ages 6 & up) at 4:30, and Twinkle Graduates at 5:00! Please note that I have divided the levels up a bit differently from the spring semester. It will likely stay this way into the fall. 

   Families of Twinkle Graduates should mark their calendars for June 30th as we are booked to play at the Anchorage Downtown Saturday Market at 3:30pm! I will have a practice list posted shortly on my practice tools page with mostly songs we have done before, but maybe a couple of new ones ;) I will need to know ASAP who is available to perform so I can make sure I have enough T shirts for everyone! 

   As always, please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Happy fiddling!


Upcoming Events


June Block Weekly Private Lessons

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Twinkle Tots Group Class


Twinkle Stars Group Class


Twinkle Graduates Group Class


June Block Private Lesson Intensive 2

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3 days in a row of private lessons! (Email Amanda at for available times.)