December 7th, 2023

     Happy winter! As we finish up our Fall Semester, I want to thank all the families who have dedicated time, practice, transportation, and more towards their children’s progress on the violin. I can’t help but notice how the studio as a whole has advanced itself not just in the level of playing, but in the maturity and dedication everyone has put into their playing. Please keep up the good practice work throughout our upcoming winter break, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

     I do owe a couple of families make-up lessons from when I was sick. If that was the case, your invoice balance should have a credit that you can put towards an “available lesson time” on the Portal Calendar. Next week is not part of my fall semester, but I did put a few times on there for make-up lessons if you want to get those in before winter break.

     After Christmas, I am headed to Hawaii, but will be back on January 14th for an Open   Lesson Block of private lessons before the Spring Semester starts in February. Just like the make- up lessons, you will need to go to log into the Portal and register the lesson times you would like on the Calendar. (This block of lessons is a first-come-first-serve deal, unlike the Spring and Fall semesters where everyone will need to fill out a form for the schedule.)

     If you are planning to perform at with the Suzuki Association of Southcentral Alaska at the Anchorage Folk Festival at 1pm on January 27th, AND/OR would like to play fiddle tunes with me at the Anchorage Waldorf School’s annual Barn Dance on February 2nd, I would highly recommend you sign up for January lessons ;-)

     Okay, so SPRING SEMESTER 2024... This will not be starting until February this year. All families MUST fill out my studio registration form by January 20th so I can use the information to put a schedule together that works for your busy and changing schedules, as well as my own busy and changing schedule. This form can be found at my website We will kick off the Spring Semester with a parent meeting on Saturday, February 3rd at 1:30pm. This is mandatory for ALL families, but can be attended in person OR online via Zoom. (If you absolutely cannot attend, I can record our meeting for you to watch when you are available.)

     I think those are all the big updates I have as of now. Thank you all again for a lovely Fall Semester, and I hope everyone has a fun, and musical holiday break.


Ms. Amanda 

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